When the Tree Falls

Carol Rumens reviews When the Tree Falls in the context of her in-depth reading of a poem from the collection in Poem of the Week, The Guardian, 7 October 2019

The poems are plain-spoken and restrained: they resist easy consolation. Their austerity serves to intensify the unmediated emotion they almost don't want to capture... a poem might be born of personal loss, but, once completed and published, it has entered a different timespan, and becomes the forge where minds are shaped and brightened.

Many of Clarke's poems are rooted in the landscape of the west of Ireland... and the farming context in which the lives of individual humans are played out asserts its own rhythm and narrative. In honouring this larger context Clarke enlarges her poetic field with an unobtrusive but important ecopoetic dimension.

When the Tree Falls is reviewed in the inaugural issue of THE POET Magazine, Autumn 2019: 

Jane's poems are eloquent and fluid; each poem is well thought-out and expertly crafted, and most importantly for me, they read easily... I want to walk into the experience of the words and understand how they connect with my own personal emotions and experiences. And Jane's poems do exactly this. A wonderful thought-provoking collection. 

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